RAAP tennis practice wall

The parabolically-shaped RAAP wall is the ideal "opponent" when practicing your tennis game. Its shape is carefully designed so that a ball hit too low or too high comes back to the player's racket. Installed at the fence of a tennis court of a multipurpose field, it substantially enhances the functionality of the facility.

We offer tennis walls in any color chosen from the RAL palette and made of polymer (resin with a quartz filling, so-called Polymer Beton) covered with gelcoat

 The frame is made from galvanized steel. Technologically-advanced construction and high-quality materials ensure dynamic play and endurance in any weather conditions.

The standard width of our tennis walls is 4-meters but can be increased at will by 1-meter additions. The height is 3 meters but can be increased to 4 meters by a 1-meter ball catch.

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